Hi! I’m Hannah.


You may not agree with me yet, but I believe that every person has the potential to be a successful public speaker. 


I also believe that everyone is capable of presenting themselves in a uniquely compelling, captivating, clear, and persuasive way. 


Maybe I landed on these ideas while convincing my middle school class that small dogs are like, way cooler than large dogs (cut to my first persuasive speech at 12), or perhaps it hit when I started coaching others in public speaking over ten years ago.


Either way, I know these beliefs to be true.


My mission is to help you not only feel comfortable speaking to others in any kind of capacity, but to help you get clear on your message be it your elevator pitch, unique value proposition, or your story.


Want to sell? Pitch? Teach? Entertain? Becoming a confident public speaker will get you there. 


A decade ago, I started coaching others on my own time - spending lunch breaks teaching co-workers how to better interview and spending late nights editing PowerPoint presentations for managers. And then I realized, I found my calling.


I turned this passion into coaching, educating and training others how to articulate their individual voices by making an often nerve-wracking experience easy and fun. 


Life is always better with more smiles and laughter. Who says public speaking can’t include them too?


In Portland, you can catch me on stage at The Moth and Toastmasters. Outside of Portland, I can be found hiking or climbing mountains in the Pacific NW with my border heeler, @maggietyrabanks.  We're working on making her famous.

If you're ready to...

Believe you've got what it takes to communicate powerful messages to the people around you, believe in yourself, believe in your message, and

Believe that you can move others to action

Here's how I can help:


Discover your inner speaker + leader and move audiences


Review, edit, test, and get results from your existing presentation.

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