Ready to feel confident when you present?

Want to finally give presentations that get results, showcase your authority, and persuade audiences?

Mark your calendars to enroll in my 9-week course, Present With Confidence.



Here’s how you can make it happen:


Whether you’re a tenured executive, an astute creative, an expert in your field, or you simply find yourself in a position where you have to give presentations more frequently thanks to growing responsibilities, improving your presentation skills won’t just get you presentation results. 

You’ll see success and results across multiple areas of your life.

Present With Confidence

Your all-encompassing 9-week intensive presentation course with exclusive, weekly one-on-one coaching 

In 9 weeks, you’ll learn everything from how to convert your natural talents to speaking sills to the fundamentals of creating a presentation to finessing your delivery.


            This is your blueprint for confidence, authenticity, and influence as a presenter.

This course is for you if you’ve had “work on my public speaking skills” on your to-do list, but just haven’t gotten around to it. You’re someone that needs the extra push and forced focus, like signing up for a 4-week exercise boot camp that you know you can commit your time and energy to.


This is your boot camp, just without the leg-warmers and leotards, for presenting.

(If you want to wear leg warmers, I’m all for it.)



Here’s how it works

You will spend nine dedicated weeks with me getting it done: honing your abilities, transforming your natural talents into presentation skills, acquiring 2,500 year old tested methods, and becoming skilled in persuasion.

You will

  • Identify your unique talents, gifts, and strengths.

  • Develop and enhance your style.

  • Gain tools, structure, and techniques.

  • Present with influence, authority, and expertise.

Ready to tackle your nerves and feel confident?



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