Is this you right now?

You’re faced with the stark reality that you need to attract new clients, customers, and accounts. You know you need to be persuasive, but imitating that classic robotic corporate jargon and charlatan phrasing doesn’t feel like you. There has to be another way to compel people, right?




You stumble to find the right words to use, so you end up using ALL of the words, overcompensate, and inundate your listeners with sometimes a fiasco-blend of information, facts, statistics, numbers, and words. Your message needs to be more clear, concise, and articulate. 








Your stomach feels like a cocktail of nerves, dread, and a dash of excitement when you’re told you have to give a presentation. You want to appear confident and like you know what you’re talking about, but you aren’t sure how to do that. 

You’ve tried to follow the speaking advice of other managers and leaders but when you use those same techniques, they fall flat, sound sluggish, or stiffly canned. You want to be authentic and influential when you speak to others while also persuading them.




Imagine if

You had a professional strategy for attracting and signing new clients, customers, and accounts that felt authentic


Your knee-jerk reaction to being asked to present or speak in public was not vomit-inducing, but full of know-how, strategy, and dare you say confidence.


You knew precisely what made your message compelling to an audience including engagement techniques, authenticity as a speaker, and influence and as a leader.


You spoke with such clarity and understanding of your audience’s needs that you were asked to share your message repeatedly with other departments, accounts, clients, and teams.


You’ve realized you are a leader who can effectively communicate, provide advice, and are both sought out and listened to by your peers thanks to your clear and engaging style + clearly articulated vision.

You have the power to:

Communicate with clarity

Speak in public with confidence

Be authentic &

Persuasively lead others.

I will help you to discover your authentic communication style, formulate your message, and engage your audience in a compelling way.

Articulate With Confidence

Is a one-on-one tailored approach for people like you who want to present, speak publicly, and communicate with authenticity that both creates engagement while confidently articulating messages that move audiences.


One-on-one coaching calls where I provide feedback specific to your speaking style while supplementing information on how to persuade with ease.


A multi-purpose, personalized and professional communication strategy targeted to enhance your authentic style and showcase your leadership.


Digital workbooks and templates for successful speeches, presentations, and meetings so that you’re never left in the lurch.


Daily support available via e-mail and Instagram for questions, thoughts, and concerns

If you have gone to speaking seminars, taken speaking classes, tried a Toastmasters meeting, and/or read books on speaking and communication but aren’t seeing results, then Articulate With Confidence is for you




Here's How it works

1. Discover and hone your one-of-a-kind communication style so that you can feel confident, comfortable, and connected.


2. Find your sharp speaking edge so you understand where it shows up, when you use it, and pinpoint why it’s effective.


3. Create and activate a professional strategy so you can take your style + tried and true methods to the workplace (and beyond) and get results.


4. Combine forces to cultivate your inner speaker and leader so that you can be seen, recognized and sought out for your advice.


5.  Move your audiences to action through your messages so that you have influence and can create change.

Articulate With Confidence is for you if...

You struggle to be concise and clear when you speak. 


You want people to know you, remember you, and take action after you’ve spoken.

You avoid opportunities to step up, speak, and be a leader because you're not sure what to say, how to say it, or ensure that it's impactful.

You’re reading all the books, trying all the tactics but you still haven’t found your communication style.

You’re not progressing in your job because you can’t articulate clearly in public.

You’re nervous and you lack confidence when you speak.

Articulate With Confidence will help you...

Communicate your thoughts and ideas in a clear, cohesive, and compelling way. 


Assess your personal speaking formula so that you can adjust it for different audiences ensuring that they are left with a lasting, engaging impression of you. 


Persuade clients, customers, and accounts so that they are repeat customers, clients, and consumers.


Understand what makes your unique communication style impactful, influential, trustworthy, and compelling.

Present and speak publicly with a proven, professional strategy that resonates with you and your audience.


Know how to speak like the confident leader that you are who is capable of sharing compelling messages that will move your audience.

Articulate With Confidence

also covers

Presentation templates for your future work presentations and speeches


Nonverbal communication guidelines to increase your engagement 

Gesture guide for increased understanding of your messages

Amplification techniques for your voice to captivate a room of 5 - 105 people

E-mail sales templates to establish expertise and help convert leads

Tools to improve meetings or small group presentations

Reusable strategies to increase audience engagement


Meet Your Coach

If you’re here because you want to move + motivate your audiences with your messages but find it hard to be clear, concise, confident, and say exactly what you mean to say, you're in the right place.


There's a good chance you’ve been told that in order to inspire and compel your audiences, you have to be extroverted, loud, winsome, funny, interesting, and have these monumental, epic-like, substantial stories.

I'm here to tell you that you don't.

Hi, I'm Hannah!

I remember the moment I saw the light bulb go off for one of my clients. He realized he didn’t have to give a presentation the same way he had seen other leaders give a presentation. He didn’t have to speak the way they spoke to be persuasive, in fact, he could earn even more business if he bucked the trend.


It wasn’t until I busted the common presentation myth that you “can’t sell” in a presentation that’s strictly informative that he was able to see how his presentation would garner new sales, new business, and new opportunities.


I want you to see this possibility in yourself, too.

For 8 years I’ve been a public speaking and presentation coach for a high-performing team in Portland. I know what it takes to find your speaking style and custom-fit communication.


It is my job to help you feel confident, comfortable, authentic, seen, and heard as a speaker and an impactful leader.

Ready to learn how to create authentic messages that motivate, influence, and move others?

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