I gave my first speech when I was 12-years-old and I have never never looked back.

Hi! I'm Hannah.

"Can you wash a car in a suit?" - my meet cute with Corporate America over a decade ago. While I didn't just wash cars in a suit, that image is emblematic of my career: I'm a multi-talented multi-tasker with an eagerness to learn, and build relationships quickly. But most importantly, I know public speaking is the gateway to positive exposure. From product line management to sales to business development, I know what it takes to engage with a diverse set of audiences, connect with people, and deliver value.

Along with coaching individuals and businesses, I do what nearly half of the American population is afraid to do: speak in public. My presentation style blends relatable stories, poignant facts, real life experiences, and humor.


I believe a little bit of humor goes a long way. My style uses humor to engage listeners and lower barriers so that I can connect with everyone in my audience.

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